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Thread: Its been a while

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    Its been a while

    Been a pretty busy year for me, haven't posted on the forum for what seems like forever. I've dropped in occasionally to see what's been going on, but I've been away from home so much its been hard keeping up with my bonsai. I had to give most of them up, the future mother-in-law loves plants so she was happy to take them off my hands for me. I kept a few of my favorites, 2 adenium, a couple elm, some jade, and my ponytail palm. All seem to be doing well, the elm has dropped leaf and spending the winter on my unheated back porch, the rest have been moved to my lights. I let them get a bit chilly and they seemed to go semi dormant for a little while, but they should be waking up soon to grow a bit.

    When I get around to it ill get some pics up of my remaining collection, thinking about picking up another ficus because I miss mine. Glad to see some of the old regulars are still coming around and plenty of new folks I havent met yet. Works slowing down for the winter so you should see more of me.

    On another note, my daughter is now almost a year and a half old...and I will be having another little one in january

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    hey! long time no see. how have you been? congratulations on the little ones

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    Hey nebraska! Most excellent to see you here again. Congrats on the little nebraskans. On a similar note, I've been blessed with two great-grand kids while you've been gone. Boy, that'll put things in perspective, but you're a ways from that eventuality. Welcome back!

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    Congrats urthman, I still remember my dads face when I told him he was soon to be a grandpa. The good thing about being a grandparent is when they get fussy you can give them back to mom and dad

    Definately missed this place but had great fun this summer catching up with old friends, doing some of the things I haven't done in years. Caught my biggest large mouth bass and channel catfish this year, along with a story about the monster catfish that got away (you can bet Ill be hunting him down next year).

    My daughter helped me repot my ponytail palm with a bit of a slant in a more semi-cascade style pot, turned out pretty nice, and we just bought her her first plant today (not a bonsai but she might get one for christmas).

    Thanks for the welcome back guys, like I said ill get some pics up when I get around to taking them.

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    Welcome back Nebraska. Been doing the same floating in from time to time.My son Jesse just turned 10 weeks old yesterday. Congrads on the new little one. Boy or Girl? Jes

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    Hey Jes, Congrats! I remember you saying you would be a father soon. Enjoy the crawling now, before too long you're going to be chasing him all over the toy section at walmart

    Not going to find out if its a boy or girl this time around, we found out with my daughter and told everyone we didn't know for fun. Kinda hard explaining why you're walking out of walmart with a couple little dresses and pink hats But we really didnt find out this time.

    Heres a quick shot of the ponytail palm, it's about 4" wide base 11" tall from the soil line. The red doesnt make a very good background, but it was there. It was knocked over in a wind storm and came out of its previous pot, so figured I'd give it a new one anyways.

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