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Thread: my 1st bonsai

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    my 1st bonsai

    well ive been off work ill for about a month now my gf was nice enough to get me a bonsai. always wanted one. anyways she got me a 4 year old japanese zelkova. just wandered if there are any specific tips and care instructions that need to be looked at immediately. Ive ordered some tools, feed and a coupla books off the net.



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    Re:my 1st bonsai

    Hi Adam,
    Here is a link that should help a little. Good Luck


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    Re:my 1st bonsai

    zelkova or chinese elm take a lok at the bark if it is a zelkova bark will be white and smooth, if it is a chinese elm then the bark will look ruff other name for chinese elm is cork bark elm if it is a zelkova it must go out doors to live, of it is a chinese elm then you can keep it in doors, most time thay will call a chinese elm a zelkova be cause they do not knoe the driffrence so if it is a chinese elm here is some info about that tree.

    OK i will give you a small run down about chinese elm, the tree is called a Ulmus parvifolia 'Cork Bark' Elm, you are going to need lighting a 40watt compact fluorescent light, or a small shop light is what you want to look for, the cool white light is not hot and will not burn the leaves put the light from 4 inch to one foot away the closer the better, best to get a plug timer so you do not have to remember to turn on and off the light, keep the light on for 16 hours a day off the rest of the time, Now when watering get a chopstick poke it in the soil down by the roots, keep it there for 3 min then pull it out feel the stick if the stick feels wet do not water, but if the stick feels dry then water your tree, a Chinese Elm does not like wet soil the leaves will turn yellow, they like it a little damp and on the dry side but not to dry, if the place has dry air get a tray larger then your pot put fish tank pebbles on it then add water to the tray, set your pot on the pebbles but do not let the bottom of the pot touch the water, this will keep the leaves from drying out and turning brown remember to keep water in the tray, when watering your tree never set the tree in a container of water to soak always water from the top of the soil until the water runs out of the hole in the bottom of the pot, this helps clean the soil from old fertilizer and mold, if there is something that you still want to know, you just have to ask..


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    Re:my 1st bonsai

    Just love the tree and work with pleasure with it and in a few years you'll see a good result. Good luck

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