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Thread: a bougainvillea ward for three months and kazan-rukizon cuttings

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    a bougainvillea ward for three months and kazan-rukizon cuttings

    The pics below are of a bougainvillea that I babysat for three months earlier this year.
    It came with mildew on the leaves and needing a trim . He was watering it after he came home from work at night (ugh). The owner didn't want a major trimming or restructuring so I just trimmed it a little. I hit it with fertilizer and it was in bloom in about two months. The plant left at the beginning of June. As it would bloom I would cut it back for the new set of buds to come out so really cut it back more than the owner really wanted but he loved the blooms. I am always nervious when babysitting other people's children. jejejeje

    I baby sat all of his bonsai and did some major pruning/trimming on some and did
    repotting of several. Fortunately all left in much better shape than when they arrived.
    I would have really been upset if some of the repotted trees hadn't taken off after transplanting.
    It was spring and the trees really jumped into new growth. Some hadn't been transplanted in 4 to
    5 years. He had a pomegranate bush that hadn't been trimmed in years which was just a large bush in a pot with fruit. It definitely needed repotting and trimming but because it was blooming and had fruit on it he wouldn't let me touch it.

    I trimmed his rukizon azalea and started cuttings. I also was able to get other starts and root divisions from several other trees that I repotted. Of course, all I need are more trees and plants in training. jejejeej Below are also Rukizon cuttings in bloom. I know that I am not supposed to let cutting bloom at that size but they are so cute. jejejeej

    He left a large Ficus benghalensis which he allowed me to do major work on it. I lowered it about 10" but it was still about 2 1/2 ft tall. The tree had great nebari, a good trunk, lots of movement and taper in the trunk and nice branching. I put it in a large oval dragon bonsai pot. The tree was magnificent. I was surprised how well the large Ficus benghalensis looked (even if I like small trees). The owner grows his bonsai on the balcony of his apartment.

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    Wow, those little azaleas are too cute! I love em! And that boug is to die for! Do you have any pics of the ficus? It really sounds like a nice tree.

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