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Thread: Uinta Mountains

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    Uinta Mountains

    The Uinta mountains are one of the few ranges that run east to west in the US - in fact, they're the highest east-west range in the US. They're in the north-eastern part of Utah and I believe span into Wyoming a little. The highest point is Kings Peak, which is at 13,528 feet.

    This is a very beautiful area. Since the range is so high, it's only accessible in late summer. The rest of the time, it's covered in snow (including the road). There are thousands of different hikes ranging from the very easy to the very difficult. Many of the peaks are above the tree line, but where there are trees, pines generally dominate. It's full of moisture - the area has literally thousands of small lakes and ponds.

    Here is an image of a spatterdock (also called a yellow pond lily) that I took of one of the many ponds:

    Spatterdock / Yellow Pond Lily

    Here are a few more images of the area:

    Lily Lake

    Bald Mountain
    - By the way, this image of mine is displayed in the Summit County building as a 30"x40" canvas.

    Uinta Meadow

    The area is too big to really focus on any one hike, although the hike to the top of Bald Mountain is quite popular. It gets cold up there so bring gloves, even on a warm day.

    Also, the weather can change very quickly so be prepared. I've been on a hike where it was quite warm when we started, but started to snow by the time we got back. Always be prepared for the rain or lightning storm. These mountains create their own weather - as wind hits the mountain, it's forced to go up. The farther it goes up, the colder the air gets. The colder the air gets, the less moisture it can hold and walla... you get rained on. We lose a few people every year in these mountains so really... if you venture out in them, be prepared for just about anything from snake bites to bears to bad weather.

    Here is more information about the Uinta Mountains.

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    Uintas is a place that involves high mountains area that is famous for backpacking, fishing and hiking and for so many other activity. Uintas mountain's beauty can attract people toward on it.

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    Thanks Jessica. Which trail is your favorite in the Uintas?

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