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Thread: Looking for Backpack recomendations

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    Looking for Backpack recomendations

    I am heading to Europe in March for about 2.5 weeks, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a backpack that would be good, plus be able to carry on a plane. I am about 5'6 and everything I have read has said to make sure its about 2800-5000 ci.
    I would appreciate any help offered.

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    thats a pretty easy request right there. almost any good quality backpack will fit the bill. theyre all pretty much the same, with only minor differences in extra features.
    what it really comes down to is the cost. how much you want to spend will determine how long the thing will last for you. of course, all backpacks will stand up to two months of train-hopping in europe. if you want to continue backpacking after the europe vacation, might I suggest the Gregory brand of backpacks. these start at about 200 dollars.

    that is the palisades plus, by gregory. an excellent all around backpack.
    if you cant afford that much, REI makes a number of good backpacks, like this one.

    really you could use a second hand backpack. it would save alot of money. ask friends if you could borrow their backpack for two months, that would be free.
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    Thats pretty much true. Almost ANY backpack would be quite adequate for these purposes.
    I, myself, tend to favor the Lowe-Alpine brand backpacks, but theyre as much as a Gregory if not more.
    If you're wanting to save money, I'd suggest a nice High Sierra Col 35 Internal Frame Pack, which you can find for well under a hundred dollars. It should easily last through three weeks of travel.

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