The Tailao Mountain

  The Mountain and the Sea stand together with each other, grand and magnificent, with unique scenery. It enjoys the reputation “Immortal Mountain on the sea”. It consists of five sections: Tailao Shanyue, Jiuli stream and waterfall, Qingchuan seaside, Fuyao islands and mulberry field and emerald Lake. Besides, there are two scenic spots: Lengcheng ancient castle and Ruiyun Temple.

The Jiuli Waterfall

 Tailao Shanyue is the center of Tailao Mountain Scenic Spot. It consists of Guoxin Temple, Calabash Cave, Yipianwa, Jiulichaotian, Xiangshan Temple, Baiyun Temple, and Tianmen Temple, all together 7 sections, covering an area of 24.6 square kilometers. As a tourist resort, Tailao Mountain can date back to Tang and Song dynasty. It has a long history and many ancient temples.

The Baiyun Temple

 Since ancient time, many scholars and prominent figures in praise of the scene have left their carving and inscriptions. At that time, 36 temples were built on Tailao Mountain from the north to the south, among which Guoxin Temple, Ruiyun Temple, Lingfeng Temple, Bajiao Temple and Tianwang Temple were on a large scale. Up to now 360 stone columns stand on the historical remains of Guoxin Temple, Lengjia Pagoda and carving and stone tablets about figures, flowers and beasts created in Tang and Song dynasties are in front of the temple. There are also some scripts and figures of Buddha on the cliff and stone inscriptions, such as “No. one Mountain under Heaven” “ Mountain and Sea Daguan”(Daguan denotes an extensive view), “World of Immortals”, etc.

The "Husband -Wife Peak"

  There are about 380 views on Tailao Mountain, such as, “Eighteen Arhats (saints) Cimbing”, “Immortal Sawing a Board”, “Husband-Wife Peak”, “a Golden Cat Catching a Mouse”, “a Buddhist monk expounding the texts of his religion” and “Tortoise crawling rock”