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Thread: Please help me ID my tree before it dies

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    Junior Member ryetka is infamous around these parts
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    Please help me ID my tree before it dies

    I just swapped coasts, and part of that changing identity meant picking up a bonsai. Unfortunately my friend who got it for me did not also find out what kind of tree it is. I didn't think this was a big deal until all the leaves started crumbling.
    Now I'm afraid that I've done the plant some misdeed, though I hold out hope that its just going dormant with the changing season.
    I know there are websites with lists of millions of trees, but they don't seem to have any intelligible way to navigate for a non-expert: can anyone tell me what I'm working with?
    Thanks a lot


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    Bonsai Apprentice octoberust is infamous around these parts octoberust's Avatar
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    Please help me ID my tree before it dies

    Not really sure but my guess would be a Mulberry. I am sure someone in the know will comment and have a ton of advice.

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    Bonsai Sensei Gina is infamous around these parts
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    Please help me ID my tree before it dies

    It's difficult to tell for sure, but it does look a bit like mulberry. They do lose their leaves in winter, so hopefully you've got nothing to worry about.

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    Re:Please help me ID my tree before it dies

    This is a Mulberry leaf does it look like this one hard to seee fuzzy photos...

    Mike.....:O) <br><br>Post edited by: mikey012076, at: 2009/11/20 03:45
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