View Full Version : Dudleytown

08-21-2009, 04:50 AM
I was wondering if anyone had ever heard of or hiked near Dudleytown in CT.
I read about the place, it is supposed to be haunted or something. I think the Mohawk Trail is near it, and it is supposed to be a nature preserve and very beautiful hiking area. It is CLOSED now, I am NOT posting this to encourage anyone to go there. Because of vandalism and other trouble, it right now is strictly off limits and going there will result in arrest and fine. The owners of the property may reopen it if dumb people will stop trespassing and doing damage for a little while.
I'm not interested in it because of its reputation or the legend, but because it sounds like a wonderful place for a hike, and an unusual one to boot. If it does reopen I wouldn't mind going.